About us

The bar at N3rds Bar which is clearly inspired by all types of different games in the world.

How did N3rds Bar come about?

The reason why we wanted to open Sweden's first video game bar is that we felt that there was a void that needed to be filled and create a meeting place where like-minded people can meet over a beer or snack and be able to re-experience nostalgia.

Meet and compete against your friends in any game to see if you are still the gamer you once were. Or maybe during your visit take a turn and take a look at our game exhibition?

We have a large mixed selection of game consoles and games. Our vision is to create an atmosphere that takes you back to the glory days of gaming consoles and allows you as a guest to have an experience beyond the ordinary.

N3rds Bar is a carefully developed concept that has slowly but surely emerged during a long journey since 2011 when it started with a purchase of retro games at a flea market and which then became a giant game collection which eventually resulted in the plans for a video game bar.

"N3rds – From a gamer to other gamers"

At the entrance of N3rds Bar we are met by their bar whereupon everything really feels nostalgic.
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