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The bar at N3rds Bar which is clearly inspired by all types of different games in the world.

What is required for a reservation at N3rds Bar?

When you book a table, we guarantee you as a guest a table with a game console for your party even if the room is full. Please indicate which console of our selection you want by entering this in the comments field when booking. If you don't enter a comment we (N3rds Bar) will place you to the most suitable tables based on arrival time and the size of your party.

Of course we always try to arrange so you get the console you wanted in your booking, but this does not always work if someone before you had booked the same unit as you before. We will then contact you before your visit and resolve so you will be as satisfied as possible. Otherwise, you can email us if you are unsure of your choice or if you want suggestions from us on what suits your company.

Minors are allowed to play the games under the supervision of guardian with a valid ID until 8 P.M

Important information

  • The booking only concerns one table and one game console per 4 people. Food and drinks are selected on site or pre-ordered via email. There are no requirements to order drinks or food to be able to play.
  • When making a reservation, you register your payment card. We do not charge anything for the booking itself, but if your company does not show up, a "no-show fee" of SEK 250/booked person will be charged from this payment card. You can cancel your reservation up to 36 hours before the booking without any amount being charged. Please contact us if you would like to cancel and we can help you with a new time instead.
  • We hold the tables for a maximum of 20 minutes after the set time and the table is then passed on to other guests. If you are late, call us by phone number stated in your booking or email. Keep in mind that we do not always have time to answer so we do not guarantee that we can hold the tables longer than 20 minutes.
  • We have no time limit for your booking. You stay until you are happy with the evening.
  • Have you book a table with a pre-selected console but are eager to try someone else during the evening? No problem, let our staff know which console you want to move to and we will solve it as soon as the table is free from other guests and provided that the size of your party can fit at the desired table.
  • Do not forget to notify the staff and hand in the controls when you are done with the game so we can turn off your game timer. Otherwise the timer goes on and you will be charged thereafter even for time you did not play. It is possible to sit at your table after you have finished playing and just hang out. Feel free to let us know when you intend to leave so we can plan for the next party that wants to play.
  • Do you not manage to get a booking for the desired day? It's possible to just come by and check what is available. Sometimes there is a little waiting time at the tables, but usually it goes very quickly for something to become available, so have a seat at the bar in the meantime and we will put you on the waiting list if all consoles / tables are occupied.
  • We only accept bookings for 2-16 people in groups. For larger parties, please email us at for help.
  • Keep in mind that we are a cash free bar and to have an valid ID with you. Minors may stay in the premises until 20:00 accompanied by a guardian.
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