For Corporate Events / AW

The bar at N3rds Bar which is clearly inspired by all types of different games in the world.

Do you want to book a Corporate Event, AW or similar event for larger parties ?!

We have different packages for all types of events to gild your evening with fun games, good drinks and food for the whole party.

To get the ball rolling, you only need to email us and we will put your evening together so that you get what suits your company best. All prices for subscribing to all or parts of N3rd's Bar are customized and sent individually depending on how you want to spend your evening with us.

Email us at and we'll get back at you as soon as possible.

An exciting green drink at N3rds Bar in Stockholm mixed by a bartender.
Bartender mixing up a drink that looks like the barrels in Donkey Kong.
N3rds Bar basement floor.
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